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Innerscape is an instrumental album by Loeb, released March 20, 2023. This is the second sleeve I’ve designed for Loeb. What I love about Loeb’s music is that he’s so eclectic – he must have thousands and thousands of records which have influenced him. For the Innerscape album, Tom’s brief (Tom is the real name of Loeb) to me was to show me a selection of old photos of men showing their body , he was interested in the abstract shapes of those photos not at the single body. I also listened to the tracks Tom had mixed at that point for the album and wanted to try to experiment visually in an analogous way to how the music sounded to me: warm, experimental, analogue, groovy (in the jazz sense of the word). For the main image, I ended up with this man bent over himself, the model name was Carlo and he was trying to figure out what I was trying to archive. The face is intentionally hidden and the figure is trying to assume a non conventional pose. The result, hopefully, doesn’t look like either but instead has its own identity and feels like the music, an inner escape from our body. The back cover was based on the simple macros of Carlo’s body. The original color of the shooting wasn’t red and blue but I played with colours in post production.