A fashion film sponsored by Jil Sander fashion house 2011
Official selection Aesthetica Film Festival Paris 2012
Official selection Brownfish NY Film Festival 2011
Official selection Pentedattilo Film Festival 2011

Black Hearted Love - A journey to the dark side of the Moebius Strip

Giulia Perelli (Woman)
Ernesto D'Argenio (Man)
Renato Ansaldi (Security)
Karl Zinny ( Concierge)


Director: Daniel Marini

Screenplay: Daniel Marini

Director of Photography: Pietro De Filippi

Costume Designer: Valentina Fabiani

Costume : Jil Sander

Make Up: Simona Giacomazzo

Editor: Angelo Paoletti

Sound Recordist: Luca Discenza

Producer: Daniel Marini, Pietro De Filippi, Angelo Paoletti

Executive Producer: Daniel Marini

Casting: Vanina Marini

Original Music: Michele Biasutti (except for "Propaganda" composed and performed by Carver

Courtesy by Eclectic Circus

Sound Design: Uberto Di Iacovo

Locations Shooting : Rome, Milan and Los Angeles

The Dark Night was produced entirely by Spikefilm with no support of any institute or public fund.

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