I was born in Rome, Italy. My father was a car racer and my mother was a flight attendant. They split up when I was four years old and after a while I met my stepfather who was a photographer and my most important mentor. I remember seeing the earth from the window of a plane and the clouds running fast below my eyes. We travelled around the world.

When I was 15 I started working with my stepfather as an assistant Photographer. It was hard to prove to him that even I was starting to be fascinated with photography and that I could express my own vision and sensitive, passionate temperament as a shy teenager. This pushed me towards the cinema avoiding that my mother would have two photographers in the family. I took my Bachelor of Film Theory and Techniques at Università “La Sapienza”, Rome. Today this photo sensitivity is still here as a tank of 

fuel ready to burn, the only difference is that it’s burning at 24 frames per second.

There are three places were I have left my heart and that still stimulates my creativity everyday:


I did the last year of the primary school, felt ice and wind on my face. I watched ”the Gremlins” for the first time and I fell in love with every kind of monster.


Red dust, yellow sunshine and my father’s grave. I left my second family there.


The Joshua Tree desert, the sound of Hot Rods outside Bob’s Big Boy Burger and running fast through people with my skateboard on Venice concrete.

Many places, different lights, colours and sounds.

Those memories are pictures in my mind, little odd shots with an immeasurable power and beautiful aesthetic angles. These shots are those I’m still looking for in my work. I love every minute of my work and I consider myself lucky doing something I love everyday and make a living from it. Today I can work with my stepfather as a Director and of course he became my favorite D.O.P. We founded the Spike film Family, a creative team of professional people who love what they do, trying to improve the way of working in our country.

Everyday I’m looking for creative people to work with as a big creative team, I firmly believe that some boundaries can only be reached together and at work I’m known as the one who knows how to remain calm under pressure. We have time until time ends.

Everyone knows I want to leave Italy and move to Los Angeles, but not everyone knows that my eleven year old son wants to move to Berlin and loves the band Kiss. Perhaps he is a more down-to-earth person than me. He is right now my mentor.